Vacation Watch

If you are interested in having a vacation check of your residence conducted while you are away, please come by the department during regular business hours. Below are some tips to keep your home safe while you are away:
  • Do not publicize the fact that you are going on vacation
  • Put lights and a radio on timers
  • Burn an outside light all night, not just when you are away
  • Do not close your blinds and curtains if you do not normally do so while you are home
  • Do not stop deliveries: have a neighbor pick them up for you, as well as circulars that accumulate by the front door
  • Make arrangements to have the lawn cut while you are away
  • Turn your telephone ringer down to low or turn on the answering machine. Do not leave messages saying that you are on vacation or when you will return home
  • Store items such as lawn furniture, garden tools, and hanging baskets in a secure area of your residence
  • Ask neighbors to look out for your residence while you are away
  • Consider asking a neighbor to park a vehicle in your driveway during your absence
  • Leave a phone number with a neighbor where you can be contacted in case of emergency

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