New Animal Services Center

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The animal shelter intake facility was built in the 1960’s, underwent renovations on several occasions, and an expansion in the early 1990’s. In 2004 the Pet Adoption Center was constructed to create additional housing space to better accommodate animals admitted and to reduce the number of pets euthanized due to lack of housing space. Now, At more than fifty (50) years old, the shelter/intake facility has aged beyond its useful lifespan and no longer meets minimum standards for animal shelter facilities related to animal housing and disease control.

 Animal Shelters in North Carolina must meet stringent state requirements, are inspected annually and must be licensed.There are multiple functional issues that have negative impacts to animal health, staff morale and safety as well as public perception and safety.Because of the condition of the current shelter facility, something must be done.

A comprehensive look at the existing structures by city staff, engineers and an independent architect, specializing in animal shelter facilities, determined that a renovation of the current animal shelter/intake facility would not be feasible due to the level of deterioration and the outdated design of the structure. Several different ideas regarding the shelter facility have been considered, but expanding the existing adoption center to accommodate the shelter/intake functions was determined to be the best approach, as it will bring operations under one roof on existing property, which will be much more cost effective than building a new stand-alone facility. This project will ensure adequate and appropriate space for animals as well as staff for the next twenty (20) years. Consolidating operations under one roof will help control ongoing operational costs as well.