Police Department Employee Recognition

Officers within the department, as well as civilian staff, can receive awards and commendations for a variety of reasons. These awards are used as a way to show the appreciation that the administration and department have for their hard work and dedication.

Therefore, on behalf of Chief J. Jeffrey Smythe and the administration staff, thank you for the great job you do for the Burlington Police Department and our city, your efforts are deeply appreciated.  We would like to wish you our most sincere congratulations.

Types of Awards

It is the policy of the Burlington Police Department to promote and administer an awards and commendations program designed to acknowledge personnel, members of another agency, and citizens who have performed outstanding acts worthy of recognition.
  • Award of Excellence - All police officers below the rank of sergeant and all civilian employees below the position of supervisor are eligible.
  • Excellence in Leadership - All civilian supervisors and officers between the rank of sergeant and captain are eligible. The award is provided for exceptional performance, and it may be given for a single event, series of events, or performance on a special project.
  • Class A Commendation - An attempt to save or protect human life is made through the direct action of an employee above and beyond the call of duty (no risk of his or her personal safety).
  • Class B Commendation - Through the direct action of an employee, a serious felony dangerous to life or against property is prevented, or someone committing the felony is apprehended in the act, or, through the direct action of an employee, not rising to the level of above and beyond the call of duty, death or serious injury to a person was prevented.
  • Class C Commendation - Through the direct action or performance of an employee, an exceptional case was cleared that would not normally have been cleared. The police activity is above and beyond what is normally required of an employee during the regular performance of his or her assigned duties.

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Recipient Award Awarded for...
Det. M. Braja 2018 Detective of the Year Detective Braja has been recognized by his peers for his dedication, outstanding performance, and hard work.
C. Khang 2018 BPD Telecommunicator of the Year Christine always has a positive attitude, delivers great customer service, and is dedicated to serving the citizens of Burlington.
C. Saul, D. Vaughn, and C. Khang 2018 BPD Communication Team of the Year On 4/7/2018, there was a significant apartment fire in which a female occupant was trapped in her apartment. Using the skills they have acquired and their years of experience, they were able to assist fire personnel in locating her and saving her life.
M. DiMattina, A. Connor, B. Benfield Award of Excellence At the chief's request to start a new tradition of creating an annual report for the department, these individuals came together to assist in developing the 2017 edition.
Ofc. B. Watson Award of Excellence He gave a young lady a reason to live and was unaware that he had made such an impact on her because he was just himself. 
Ofc.s Newton, Bisdee, Grogan, Kennedy, Menichini, and Det. Braja Class B Commendation Through their direct actions, a suspect in a breaking and entering was apprehended while in the act of committing a felony. Without these direct actions, the suspect would not have been identified or apprehended.
Ofc. P. Baulding Class C Commendation His utilization of the bulls eye technique to apprehend suspects in a violent felony that endangered multiple citizens. Without his actions, it is likely this incident would not have been solved as quickly if at all. 
Lead Telecommunicator R. Vaughn Class A Commendation His actions that assisted in saving the life of a citizen during a substantial fire at her apartment complex.He went above and beyond the call of duty by staying calm and thinking critically. He was able to identify the only possible solution to save the victim's life which was to scream and shout so that she could be located and rescued. 
Ofc. N. Boggs Class C Commendation Her actions went beyond that of what you were asked or required to do...Your active pursuit of violations...lead to the arrest of a subject who had committed several bank robberies and was about to commit another. Through your direct performance, this wanted felon, who had been on the run for weeks, was apprehended.
Ofc. Pringle, Ofc. McComas, Det. Giroux Award of Excellence As a result of these officers actions, a potentially dangerous situation was successfully deescalated, and no one was harmed. More importantly these officers recognized the sanctity of life and provided help to someone who could not help themselves.
Two officers Award of Excellence Excellent work throughout a drug investigation.
Four officers Class C Commendation Excellent work throughout a drug investigation/
Det. Alex Shockley Detective of the Year His willingness to work extra hours when necessary, his great attitude, his ability to work within a team.
Det. Theriault Class C Commendation His swift response and excellent observation skills. The department was able to arrest a suspect quickly after the offense was committed. Due to his arrest, we are confident that other crimes were also prevented.