Community Appreciation

Our community shows their appreciation for the Burlington Police Department in many ways.  Below are just some examples of the kind words and thoughtful acts shared with the department or specific members to show the support and involvement we have with our citizens.
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  3. "Their Lives for Ours"
  • Ms. M complemented Ofc. George who visited her home after she called the BPD in reference to a strange car parked in front of her home. Ms. M's home was broken so she was frightened. According to Ms. M, Ofc. George was absolutely fabulous! She was professional, kind, and understanding. She stated that Ofc. George had "spunk"
  • Ms. R came to the PD to lift up the police department and the officer that assisted her with her lost purse. Ms. R said she panicked when she could not find her purse after going to pay some bills and called the PD. Ms. R said the officer who responded went beyond what was required of them, searching her vehicle, the house, and even contacting the credit card company for her. Ms. R wanted everyone to know what a good job Ofc. Arcos did.
  • Mr. A called in reference to the officers who responded out to serve commitment papers on his son. He stated that his son is a veteran who was having some problems, and he wanted to thank Officers Sartwell, C. Moore, Lyons, Burkett, and Delgado for their professionalism and compassion while dealing with this matter. He was very appreciative.
  • "To all police in Burlington: "Thank you for saving my niece's life March 14 of this year. I don't know who the officers were that found her passed on the street. I especially thank you for bringing her back to life. I think she would have died if they had not found her. She has done her time in jail, has a good job 6 days a week. Thank God for all of you. She is off drugs and off the streets. I thank every policeman and woman for what they are doing to get drugs out of Burlington and I got down on my knees and asked God to help or send her to jail. I think he answered by sending her to jail. All of you stay safe and keep up the good work. "Thank you "I prayed for him to help two days before she got arrested."

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