National and State Recognitions

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The Burlington Police Department was first accredited by The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc, (CALEA) in April, 1989. The agency has maintained accredited status, in good standing, for the last 24 years and was re accredited with Excellence at the March, 2014 conference in Garden Grove, CA.

"As the Chief of Police, accreditation is important to me for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, accredited status sends a clear message to the community that the Burlington Police Department is “doing it right.” The citizens should know and have confidence in the fact that we have a body of policies and standards that meet or exceed the professional best practices of the policing industry. And we know this, not just because we say we do it, but because professionals in our industry come to Burlington regularly and audit our work. They ensure that we meet every required standard for everything we do."
 Communications Award
 On September 14, 2016, Stephanie Chatman (Communications Manager) received the North Carolina Chapter of National Emergency Number Association 2016 Supervisor of the Year Award.
yon Harris(Technology Manager) received the North Carolina National Emergency Number Association and the Association of Public Safety Officials 2016 Information Technologist of the Year Award.



RISE Awards: Check out a dozen of our outstanding 2016 nominees

These officers and agencies go above and beyond in myriad ways to serve and protect their communities



With hundreds of nominations from across the country – and Canada! – this year, it’s difficult to choose which to recognize for the 2016 RISE Awards. But it’s easy to see that law enforcement officers are doing outstanding work, from community outreach to agency leadership and so much more.

The Burlington Police Department (North Carolina) embarked on a campaign to improve officer safety, purchasing equipment, implementing training and changing policies to reduce officer injuries and prevent line-of-duty deaths. Safety measures include the purchase of tactical medical kits and ballistic helmets and vehicle panels, as well as mandatory minimum staffing and permanent shifts in the patrol division. The permanent shifts allow officers to develop regular sleep and eating patterns, leading to overall improvements in health and well-being.

The department also renovated a city warehouse into a gym facility and provides free nutritional training. For all officers involved in a shooting incident or other critical incident, attendance is mandatory for debriefings with a newly established peer support team. Officers are now more involved in creating policies and guiding the future of the department through issue-based committees, which builds morale and increases job satisfaction.

Winners for the RISE Award were announced in early September.  It was an honor to be recognized and nominated for this award!