Pet Admission 

Pet Admission at BAS During Covid-19

At this time, animal intake service remains limited to emergency and urgent needs only (bites, sick/injured strays, neglect/abuse, and safety net services). Citizens may email or leave a message at 336-578-0343 for assistance.

 We understand sometimes circumstances are such that cause people to no longer be able to care for a pet. We know that having to surrender a pet is a very difficult decision. We are here to assist you with resources to Help you with rehoming your pet. 

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to bring stray or found pets to the shelter. This allows us to make sure we have adequate resources and space to intake and process your pet. We will be able to devote individual time to you and the pet so there is no rushing through the process and no long waits.  

A 2015 study done by the ASPCA showed that up to 40% of pet owners surrendering their pets to shelters did not want to do so, they just needed temporary help. We are prepared to discuss your needs and help you find solutions. If it is determined that the you cannot keep your pet, we will assist you with resources for rehoming or finding placement thorough our adoption program.  

Please contact us at or  336-578-0343 for more information.


Q: I don't want to surrender my pet, but I don't have a choice. Is there help available for the problem I am having with my pet? 

A: Yes! We want to help you keep your pet if possible. Keeping pets in their homes is always preferable to the pet being in the shelter. Our trained staff can talk with you about your individual circumstances and connect you with available resources, or offer solutions that can make it possible for you to keep your pet in many situations. You can also check our Lost & Found pet tips as well as our  Pet Help Resources pages for resources and information about solutions to some common issues with pets. 

Q: Why do I need to make an appointment to bring a pet to the Animal Services Center? Can't I just drop my pet off anytime you're open?  

A:  Scheduling an appointment ensures we can best assist you and facilitate best practices for preventing the spread of COVID through practicing social distancing measures. When scheduling your appointment, staff will be able to gather much of the information in advance which will help ensure a smooth and paperless appointment process. Animal services staff can also provide those with owned pets with information and resources that can assist those interested in keeping their pet or re-homing it themselves. The appointments will help citizens avoid busy times at the shelter and a potentially long wait. Emergency situations (i.e. pets with severe injuries or medical conditions) will be prioritized and do not require an appointment. 

Q:  What to do if I found a stray or lost pet? 

A: Individuals that have found a stray or lost pets are encouraged to help the pet find its way home if possible. Often pets live in the same neighborhood in which they are found! Have the pet scanned for a microchip if it does not have identification tags. This can be done at any shelter or veterinary clinic. Try checking with neighbors and posting the pet on social media or apps such as next door. Check out our  Pet Help Resources pages for more information and resources, such as PawBoost.   Finders of lost pets do not need an appointment to bring the pet to the shelter. However, we do prefer you contact us ahead of time and schedule an appointment to avoid bottlenecks during times the shelter is the busiest.