P: (336) 229-3528

The Burlington Police Department has a new R-U-OK System.  This system is designed to automatically make phone calls with the intention of checking the well being of subscribers within the city limits of Burlington. 

Potential participants can include those who live by themselves, such as the elderly or infirm.  The R-U-OK devise automatically calls registered participants on a daily basis.  All the participant has to do is answer the phone to receive a recording that the R-U-OK System is calling.  If there is no answer when the system calls, a police contact will be made with a representative of the subscriber, who was listed when the subscriber registered with the system.

This service is free to residents of the City of Burlington and can be programmed for vacations.  If you are interested in becoming a subscriber to the R-U-OK System or know of someone who need to be, please contact Stan Moss with the Crime Prevention Section of the Burlington Police Department at 336-229-3528.