Speech and Hearing Impaired Services

Communications Impaired Services

Communications personnel at the Burlington Police/Fire Communications Center can easily converse with those citizens that are communication impaired. The personnel of this department are trained to use the Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD). All call-taking workstations in our agency are equipped to process calls placed by TDD users though the use of a TDD decoder that can detect both the ASCII and Baudot transmission modes that are common to TDD devices.

Once a TDD call is detected by our personnel, they may begin an exchange with the caller to determine the nature of the problem that is being reported. They do this by use of a keyboard to originate messages or to send programmed messages to the caller’s device. The information that is obtained through this process is then entered into the Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD), and sent to the appropriate dispatch position within the Communications Center for assignment to a public safety responder. Our personnel are trained to process these types of incidents; they undergo a training process that will enable our personnel to effectively communicate with those that are communications impaired. Training and testing in the use of TDD devices is an ongoing process that is routinely evaluated by our staff to ensure that all citizens within our service area receive proper attention in their time of need.





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