Criminal Investigation

The Criminal Investigation Division is comprised of investigators in units working to solve crimes against Persons and Property, Special Victims, Human Trafficking, Special Operations (Narcotics), and the Violent Crimes/Gang Unit.

Crimes against persons consist of crimes such as robberies, assaults, gang related crimes and all other crimes where the victim is a person. Examples of a crime against property consist of breaking and entering (residence or business), malicious damages, financial crimes and thefts. The Special Victims Unit investigates crimes of sexual and physical abuse where children are the victims, domestic violence cases, adult sexual assaults, and crimes against the elderly. 

In addition, we now have one detective dedicated to investigations related to Human Trafficking cases. For information involving Human Trafficking you may contact 
Detective J. Parks or call (336) 229-3530

Prior to the adoption of the Special Victims Unit, there were two detectives responsible for investigating all cases involving domestic violence. Many times domestic violence cases involve sexual assault and in most cases the victim is a female. Cases of this nature require a detective with specialized training and a working knowledge of how to handle victims of this type of offense. Our department has expanded the number of detectives with these skills. This was done to best utilize those detectives with specialized training to enhance cases for prosecution. 

The Vice/Narcotics detectives of the Special Operations Unit investigate crimes involving illegal drug violations. Investigations deal with violations that can be found in Chapter 90 of the North Carolina General Statutes, which involve illegal drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and other controlled. These investigations can also include those drugs that are legal to possess but have been obtained illegally, such as Oxycodone or Valium.

The Criminal Investigation Division has a working relationship with all outside resources to insure the best possible investigation is done in order to close a case. The Division works closely with agencies both at the State and Federal level, such as the State Bureau of Investigation, Secret Service, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and some civilian agencies such as the Region for Organized Crime Information Center and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. 

CID (Criminal Investigations Division) also has a Victim’s Assistance Unit. This consists of a director, one part-time employee, and a trained volunteer staff. Their function is to assist victims navigate the criminal justice system and provide direction to community based partners that victims can access. Personnel are also trained to assist victims in victims' compensation when applicable.

If you have any information regarding criminal activity or missing children/ persons, please contact Crimestoppers or Campus Crimestoppers for schools at (336) 229-7100. The Burlington Police Department participates in the statewide Amber Alert Program coordinated by the North Carolina Center for Missing Persons.

For tips on crime prevention and safeguarding your property and home, visit our crime prevention page. In order to get involved with the department, visit our community relations page.

Criminal Investigation Division
101 N. Main St.
Burlington, NC 27215
P: (336) 229-3530
F: (336) 229-3113
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(336) 229-7100

CID urges anyone with information on a crime to contact Crimestoppers. Your information may be vital in helping to solve crimes in our community.

 "If you see something,
say something."

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Human Trafficking

(336) 229-3530

Det. J. Parks

Victim/ Witness Assistance

P: (336) 229-3553
F: (336) 229-3113

Gang Unit

Sgt: (336) 229-3582
Ofc: (336) 229-3537
Graffiti: (336) 229-3159